Creative Services

Strategy. Concept. Design. Our aim: 100%. Our approach: 360°. We design the entire creative process for your brand experience – from the initial idea to the implementation. And we work in all relevant areas: live (events and incentives), space (trade fairs and exhibitions), digital (moving images and social media) and classic (print and out-of-home). For unique experiences, all created under one roof and with an unmistakable style.

  • Consulting

    Emotion meets reason. No matter how creative and unusual our approach to staging your brand is, accurate planning and management are also essential.

  • Strategy

    We understand brands. We work with your brand to find the best communication strategy for you – for optimum brand development across all media channels.

  • Story

    Your brand has stories to tell. We bring them to life in the form of exciting ideas, concepts and productions that keep people talking.

  • Design

    Artwork is a priority for us. When it comes to design, we aim high and take a broad approach at the same time. Online or offline? Print or digital? Everything.

  • Technology

    Wondering what kind of relationship we have with the tech world? A very close one. That’s why we know exactly what’s doable and reasonable when it comes to technology. And also what isn’t.

Client Services

Goal. Budget. Success. Creating unforgettable experiences is one thing, but it’s measurable results that really count. That’s why our most important benchmark is performance. And it’s why we approach your brand experience from a communicative angle and from an economic perspective at the same time. As brand strategists, we put great emphasis on brand environment analysis. As project managers, we value precise implementation and calculations. And as a sparring partner, we focus on the exchange of ideas and on transparency.

  • Consulting

    Every project is different. That’s why our advice is tailor made rather than off the shelf, and our planning and management is aligned with your customer journey and KPIs.

  • Planning

    You set out the budget and timeframe; we come up with a workflow that corresponds exactly. This means that even your finance department will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Organization

    Live communication is all about teamwork. It’s important that all the elements of the project work together smoothly. This is where we come in – functioning as a perfectly organised interface and saving you a lot of stress.

  • Implementation

    What is just as important as the concept? Implementing it with perfect timing. For that reason, we ensure that there is continuous quality control during the course of the project, as well as on-site supervision.

  • Performance

    Our points of reference when managing your projects are economic indicators and measurable success factors. This ensures one thing above all else: a return on your investment.


“Service Factory is a very reliable partner for TomTom when it comes to planning and implementing projects. Despite the very short lead time and the considerable time pressure, Service Factory’s implementation of projects such as the ISPO 2016 stand and the accompanying dealer event for our international sport clients was absolutely fantastic. And that, of course, makes it fun to work with them.”

Sebastian Müller, Senior Marketing Manager Sports DACH, TomTom Sales BV

“The Vodafone Enterprise Sales Kick-Off 2016 topped everything we had done in the past – and a large part of it was down to you. Our collaboration was always professional and we had a lot of fun. Many thanks again to the Service Factory team!”

Denis Peck, Head of Enterprise Marketing – SME, Corporate and Public, Vodafone GmbH

“The concept of the trade booth is very much in line with what TomTom is all about. It is always a challenge to convert an idea in a booth concept. I think this year it is spot on. So we are very happy with the concept.”

Daan Henderickx, Commercial Director DACH, TomTom Sales BV

“Service Factory’s launch of our partnership during the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship 2016 at Munich’s Olympiapark was implemented perfectly. As usual, they were a reliable and creative partner – despite the fact that they hadn’t been given much time to prepare!”

Franziska Düchting, Marketing and Communications Manager, Vodafone Deutschland GmbH

“This year is the third time we’re working with Service Factory on TomTom’s IFA exhibition stand. Every year the project gets better and better. We are delighted with this year’s stand design, and we’ve also had excellent feedback from our headquarters.
Of course, at every exhibition there are always last-minute tasks that need to be dealt with on the spot. Finding a solution for difficult problems like these is definitely one of Service Factory’s strengths.”

Laila Kobel, Senior Trade Marketeer DACH, TomTom Sales BV

“Service Factory is our reliable partner for the concept design and implementation of all kinds of events. We’ve worked together as partners for many years on a variety of projects, from POS promotions to employee events to trade fair appearances at the IFA and the CeBIT.

Their service guarantee that forms part of their name is applied to all the projects they implement, and serves as a mantra for their employees, who consistently live up to it. It’s always a pleasure to work on our projects with Service Factory.”

Guido Weber, Head of Sales Promotions and Events, Brand Marketing, Vodafone Deutschland GmbH


Questions. Answers. Results. You love your brand. But does your target group feel the same? How do you get people excited about something? We know the answer, and we use it to create the perfect strategies: for trade show appearances, events, product launches, POS launches, and employee incentives. Strategies that are never one-size-fits-all, but always effective.

Social media

Hello, Twitter.

Insight. Outlook. Perspective. It’s called ‘social media.’ But it could also be called ‘useful media.’ Take our Twitter page, for example. It provides you with facts and news about the topics of brand experience, multidimensional communication, incentives, and PoS launches. Useful information, in a nutshell. Knowledge that will help you to progress. Tailored to our clients’ industries and markets.

Understated excitement

Moving. Thrilling. Inspiring. We want to help people experience brands, get people excited and create positive emotion. How do we do it? With genuine passion and a relaxed approach that is characterised by empathy for people and brands. That’s why we don’t just organise large-scale events – we create great brand experiences.