Jeppesen at ABACE in Shanghai in 2017

Same same, but different. The same client. The same trade fair. The same concept. While this all sounds very samey, it proves to be a new challenge each and every time – even on the fifth occasion of creating the Jeppesen stand at the ABACE fair in Shanghai.

Because not only are the different mentalities and approaches to work sometimes difficult – so too is the climate. In particular the high humidity, which makes storage difficult. Choosing between storage costs and a new build is just one of many questions to which the answers are different in Asia. Over there, it really does make sense to produce something new every year – as in this case, at the fair, under time pressure and in spite of the jet lag.

This makes perfect logistics, tried-and-tested partners – and strong nerves – all the more important. But most important of all is many years of experience in the Asian market. As a result, the key platform for business aviation was once again a resounding success for Jeppesen in 2017. Something of a precision landing, you could say.