New room acoustics for Cellebrite

A for acoustics. B for business climate. C for Cellebrite. Cellebrite is an internationally active company that is well known for its innovations in the field of mobile device technology. Their expertise lies in complete solutions for mobile retail and mobile forensics.

Unfortunately, if you took a look behind the scenes, the new office and training facilities in Munich had very little to do with quiet sounds and a tidy appearance. Instead of communication, concentration and creativity, the atmosphere here was dominated by one thing: the echo.

Service Factory was on the case! Our creative team brought the miserable acoustics to life with the help of an ingenious space concept. A concept that underscores the corporate identity of Cellebrite, enabling the staff to hear once again. And the most cutting-edge technology was used: noise-absorbing modules made from non-combustible materials.

This is how we turned corporate design into corporate architecture – and transformed poor acoustics into the perfect tone.