“For 20 years, we have been enthusiastic about live communication in all its different facets, and about bringing brand experiences from Munich to the whole world. As an owner-run agency, we understand that it is people who create extraordinary things using their passion. And that if we want to communicate something to others, we have to live it ourselves.”

Peter Pfister, Managing Director of Service Factory

About Us

Our Approach

Communication thrives on ideas. Extraordinary, unique, inspiring ones. Brands thrive on experiences. Thrilling, exhilarating, memorable ones. Creating the perfect synthesis of these two elements is both our task and what drives us. That is why we are more than just an agency for live communication: we are creative makers who give brands a soul.

We don’t just strive to perform. We aim for peak performance. Creativity is our tool. Passion is our motivation. And quality is our guiding principle. We care about the smallest details and we are always up to date. We are passionate about what we do. Therefore we know exactly how to spark emotions in others and create passion that lasts.

Our customers’ expectations are high. That’s why we place even higher expectations on ourselves. We are always ready to go the extra mile, and we work with service providers who share this ethos. Whether we are commissioning a service or providing a service ourselves, we take a partnership-based approach and work together on an equal level. We understand different mindsets and requirements, and there’s only one standard we measure ourselves by: our clients’ satisfaction.

Our company structure is simple and our hierarchies are flat. It’s only team spirit that rules here. We work together and for each other, with deep conviction and utter commitment. We celebrate our successes together, because we know that we created them together. Rather than being lots of different individuals, we are one strong team.

Social media

Hello, Facebook.

Insight. Outlook. Perspective. It’s called ‘social media.’ But it could also be called ‘useful media.’ Take our Facebook page, for example. It provides you with facts and news about the topics of brand experience, multidimensional communication, incentives, and PoS launches. Useful information, in a nutshell. Knowledge that will help you to progress. Tailored to our clients’ industries and markets.


Interested in joining us?

Stress. Chaos. Overtime. These are three words you’ll never hear us use. That’s because we value something else: a healthy work–life balance, room to grow, and human interaction. After all, you can only make people happy if you are happy yourself. Do you agree? Then why not apply for a job with us?